Welcome to the New Zealand branch of the Ramabai Mukti Mission…

Mukti Mission India provides a home for destitute women and children where they are accepted, cared for, transformed, and empowered to be salt and light in society irrespective of their background .

Ramabai Mukti Mission New Zealand involves Kiwis in empowering and transforming the lives of these abandoned women and girls, through prayer, child sponsorship, partnership in projects and volunteering.

a new hope …  a new opportunity

Join us in bringing hope and a new opportunity to those who have lost hope.

Our Latest Projects


Asha Sadan Renovation

The good work continues… As the ladies of the Priti Sadan settle into their newly renovated home, their neighbours in the Asha Sadan are looking on wondering, “What about us?” The answer is, “Yes, you too!” We are delighted to be taking...


Priti Sadan Renovation

Priti Sadan Renovation The Priti Sadan is home to these beautiful women. Most of them are elderly now. Some came to Mukti as long as 50-60 years ago. They were abandoned by their husbands, in-laws or families for many reasons. Perhaps they could not ...

Latest News


International Women’s Day Celebrations

International Women’t Day was a special event for the women at Mukti. In a country where women and girls, especially those who have a disability or have become widowed, or are unmarried are often abandoned and even exploited, it was a wonderful oppo...


The Ladies Return

When the ladies who live in the Priti Sadan were asked to move out so that the renovation could begin, they were not happy. It is their home and they were not about to leave it for anybody! That is a distant memory now with the residents thanking our Heav...