Our Projects

When, in 2013, Mukti NZ received a very generous legacy, it became apparent that we needed to take a more professional approach to projects. Mukti Australia generously seconded their Project Officer and since then we have been able to sponsor a number of significant undertakings. In 2014 these included the construction of the Dongre Vasti wall protecting 16 acres of Mukti land, purchasing a new vehicle and providing some sorely needed classroom desks.

In 2015 the work continues with these projects that we have been given.

Project Donations

Mukti NZ prides itself on our commitment to forward 100% of all funds donated towards projects to India where they are used for the specified purpose. This is also the case for all child sponsorship funds.

Outpatient Clinic and Covered Waiting Area

Outpatient Clinic and Co...

The hospital provides care for the Kedgaon Community. Specialists from Pune run clinics and doctors visit. We are raising $5000 to fund the renovation of a space for an Outpatients Clinic with a covered waiting area. This is a wonderful opportunity to provide a welcoming comfortable space. If sufficient funds are raised, a playground and eating are...

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Asha Sadan Renovation

Asha Sadan Renovation

The good work continues… As the ladies of the Priti Sadan settle into their newly renovated home, their neighbours in the Asha Sadan are looking on wondering, “What about us?” The answer is, “Yes, you too!” We are delighted to be taking the lessons learned, the designs that have been drawn up, even some of the materials that have been...

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“Breaking the Cycle” in Sangali

“Breaking the Cycl...

In the red light district of Sangli in Maharashtra, hundreds of women are caught up in commercial sexual exploitation. The red light district is a difficult and dangerous place to raise children – the children of sex workers are exposed to violence and abuse, health and sanitation issues and run the risk of being pulled into exploitative situa...

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