Title:           Income Generation Products Coordinator

Location:   Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission (PRMM) near Pune

Term:          Minimum 6 months

Starting:     Immediately


Description: PRMM has a variety of projects that combine vocational skills training with income generation. Disadvantaged women (including those with disabilities) are trained in skills such as sewing, candle making, and jewellery to making products such as t-shirts, bags, nappies, candles, and aprons for sale in India and overseas. The profits provide an income for the women and generally support Mukti’s other community development projects. In the process, the women learn valuable skills that empower them to become more independent and give back to their community.


A coordinator is needed to:

  • Supervise the vocational skills training
  • Quality control so products are suitable for sale overseas.
  • Developing markets (on-line shopping & stores or markets in developed countries)


  • (Preferable) Qualifications and/or experience in international or community development (particularly income generation projects in developing countries).
  • An interest in craft and cottage industry products
  • An eye for quality and precision
  • As this is a women’s project, a woman is required for this role, however a husband an dwife team could also work well.

Food and modest accommodation will be provided on site at the Mukti complex in Kedgaon