A New Home with LOTS of Sisters

'Bright' is the perfect word to describe the smile on the face of our little girl from Sunflower Family. It is an ear-to-ear smile displaying Saachi's joy and excitement.
Saachi and Ruhi's new sisters welcomed them immediately and the newcomers quickly felt understood and at home in their new environment. The girls may have different stories, but they all have much in common as they come seeking a safe home in which to belong and thrive.

Saachi and her older sister Ruhi arrived recently after their previous hostel closed down. Their parents are day labourers who were struggling to feed their family of six daughters. Not having an education themselves, they wanted to give their daughters a brighter future.

Saachi and Rupi look forward to being settled at Mukti and love being with everyone. They can run around safely, playing with their flower family sisters and their new friends.

Ruhi likes to spend time on her own as well painting beautiful pictures. She wants to use her creative talents in a career one day. Saachi loves to learn new things, and especially likes to dance, sing and draw.

The Flower Families are a ready-made support network, with girls who have been through similar experiences and understand each other. They are at Mukti for the same reason, to be part of a caring family in a safe place where they can receive a complete education, thrive and fulfill their potential.

*Names have been changed