It was with great sadness that we learned Carol went to be with her beloved Lord on June 25th 2019. Here is Lorraine Francis’s tribute to this wonderful woman read at her funeral on Friday, June 28th.

Carol’s favourite ladies, the women who live in the Mamta Sadan or Home of Kindness

“For the Mukti family, our dear Carol was a delight to be with. We were greatly benefitted by her one year’s stay at Mukti. She has been truly indispensable and irreplaceable. Carol was an early riser and would spent her time with the ladies of the Home of Kindness teaching them various skills of craft and other handiwork. She would do exercises with them and take them for walks. She would love to bless the residents and staff with a little kiss. Everyone fondly called her PAPPY AUNTIE meaning Kissing Auntie. Carol also loved picking up the litter from the campus and even outside the campus which showed her servant-like heart. She would do all these menial jobs to please her Master and bring a smile on His face. Carol also assisted in the hospitality section. She would keep the bathrooms sparkling and the visitors would also be pleased to see her around. She would lovingly mentor all those who need a word of encouragement. She encouraged Anil by telling him that he’s the Moses of Mukti.

I didn’t know that Carol’s time on earth was coming to an end, but in my recent staff devotion when the subject was Servanthood, I gave an analogy of Carol’s life and the commendable work she did among God’s people. There are several virtues to share about Carol but the message is getting longer, so I’ll stop here. No doubt there would have been a big crown of precious jewels waiting for Carol with the words – Well Done!!

May the Lord comfort the family and friends of Carol Bagrie as she has left all of us for her heavenly abode where there’s no pain, no sorrow and no weeping. May the good Shepherd comfort you all during this time of loss. Rev. 14:13 says “…Yes says the Spirit so that they may rest from their labours for their deeds follow with them.”

Carol first visited Mukti with her friend, Margaret, in 2013 for a few weeks then returned for periods of six months each. She joined the New Zealand Council in May 2016 and served until her death. She advocated for the older women: she was passionate that the Mukti value of treating everyone with respect was honoured.


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