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Here is where you can find out more about our New Zealand Journey and meet our amazing team.

1908 New Zealand Visit to Mukti Mr. and Mrs George Mackenzie standing with Panidita and Mukti children.

How it began in New Zealand

The first report of support for Mukti Mission by New Zealand is found in Pandita Ramabai A Great Life in Indian Missions by Helen S. Dyer published in 1930.

“The visit to the Colonies in 1903 of Manoramabai (Ramabai’s daughter) bore much fruit evoking interest in Mukti. In New Zealand a praying circle, organised by Mr & Mrs George Mckenzie or Queenstown, resulted in several workers going forth to Mukti, and in some very strenuous work being done. Each Christmas boxes have been sent to India full of useful articles of every sort – clothing toys stationery, etc., and supplying the needs of the workers as well as the pupils in the institution.” 1

Support for Mukti Mission grew rapidly from its home in Queenstown, then Dunedin. The ‘Auckland Committee’ was formed and first met on 27 November 1945. The N.Z. Council in Dunedin was feeling the pressure of the work and decided that it would an opportune time for the newly formed committee to take on the administration of the Council and become the NZ Council of the Ramabai Mukti Mission.2

Mukti Mission seems to enter the hearts of supporters and stay there. We have many supporters who have prayed and given generously for decades and are extremely knowledgeable about the mission. Quite a number have visited and returned to spread the word about the work. Their legacy is the hundreds women and children who have been sponsored by New Zealanders and gone out into the world to fulfil Ramabai’s vision to be salt and light in the community.

1. Dyer, Helen S., “Pandita Ramabai a Great Life in Indian Missions, p148, Pickering & Ingles, London, 1930.
2. Clark, John, Pennies, Postage and Prayer Notes relating to the NZ Council of the Pandita Ramabai Mukti Mission 2009.

Meet our team

Lindsay Fish
Lindsay grew up aware of Mukti as her family sponsored girls and her mother, Christine Hood, was on the council for 25 years and working in the office for 8. Lindsay is a secondary school teacher by profession and has almost completed her PhD focussing on teachers’ professional development.
Lindsay lives in Tauranga with her husband Tony who works for YWAM ships and has two beautiful young daughters. She is looking forward to working with the NZ Mukti Council and carrying on with the work that her mum cared so much about.
Judy Maguire
Content to come
Mehul Patel
Mehul has been on the Board of NZ Mukti Council for over 16 years and is constantly encouraged by the profound impact that Mukti India has on the lives of the some of the most vulnerable in India.
Mehul has degrees in Science and Commerce and he has worked across multiple industries both as an employee and as an independent consultant. Mehul resides in Auckland with his wife Neesha and three growing children.
Penny Winstone
Operations & Donor Relations Manager
Penny joined the NZ Office staff in 2010 and moved into her new role in 2018. She works part-time at the office in her home in Auckland. Penny is now the sole paid employee and loves all the many and varied roles that are required. She especially loves promoting Mukti in NZ.
Penny has an M.Sc (Hons) in Chemistry. After years of working in a church office, leading small groups, running courses, preaching on occasion and generally working in the church, Penny has brought many of the skills necessary in promoting Mukti. She has 4 adult daughters.