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A champion who works for the cause of the downtrodden

Dr Arundhati Roy, one of India’s celebrity authors and an advocate for women’s rights recently visited Mukti. Her first book, A God of Small Things, became internationally famous. After a very ordinary welcome of chai tea and a biscuit we chatted about Mukti and our struggles with the highway extension, and the rights and privileges of women and children. She dropped a tear of two while she listened from her heart.

We then showed Arundhati around some of the Mukti campus. She made a short visit to my office and signed the visitor’s book where she¬†stated strongly, “Ramabai’s land should not be desecrated!” What a privilege it was for us to have this lady in our midst.

At a prestigious function in Pune the following day, she was presented with an award for her work. What a surprise when, in front of thousands of dignitaries and people, she openly announced she was handing her award to Mukti for the welfare of our residents.

by Lorraine Frances, Mission Director

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