Our projects focus on supporting and empowering disadvantaged, vulnerable children and women. They reflect the need to respect the past by renovating some of the beautiful century old buildings and providing modern facilities for many years to come such as the new playground.

Your donation can help empower the vulnerable, preserve history, and build a brighter future.

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Current Projects
Past Projects
Renovating the Bethany Campus Homes

Renovating the Bethany Campus Homes

Welcome to the Bethany Garden Campus, a long-standing haven for single, retired Mukti residents and married staff spanning the past 50-60 years.

Repainting the Flower Family Homes

Repainting the Flower Family Homes

Many of these homes are heritage buildings and they require regular maintenance to preserve them. The time has come to breathe new life into the Flower Family Homes, by way of a repaint. Water seepage is a challenge that leaves the old mud walls cracked and weathered....

From Neglect to Bright and Inviting

From Neglect to Bright and Inviting

Candle making has not only proven to be creative and fun but has also brought these young women with special needs immense satisfaction and enjoyment.

Giving towards a project enables
  • Hope for a bright future through education
  • Empowered out from poverty
  • A safe place to call home, as well as sense of belonging and purpose
  • Higher education opportunities
  • Health care and health education
  • Christmas and Birthday gifts