Wondering how Mukti has been managing the pandemic?
Inside the gate: Immediately, a huge effort began to make the many adjustments to our community life introducing masks, sanitizing (we quickly learned how to make our own) and social distancing to protect the many vulnerable women and children, particularly the elderly and unwell. We closed our schools and tackled the task of providing online lessons for the 2000+ students. We rejoiced that we had fresh milk and vegetables from our farm.
Outside the gate: By April our eyes turned outwards to the huge number of suffering migrant workers, day labourers and rag pickers searching in the garbage outside our walls. Relief packages containing rice, wheat, oil, gram, peas, spices, tea, chickpeas, mustard, coriander, jagary (unrefined sugar) and salt are being distributed. This is ongoing. Local officials came with gifts and flowers to say thank you: “We thought Mukti was an orphanage and we would be responsible to feel you all. It has turned out to be vice versa. You have been extending help to the needy outside your community!”

All went well until the end of April 2021 when the virus entered Mukti. In a very short time over 40 people had tested positive. We were grateful that we were able to quickly source oxygen and the community reached out with donations of medical supplies and support from the medical staff at local covid centres. Sadly a few of our lovely ladies have passed away and some have been left with ongoing complications. We are happy to report that currently we are once more free of the virus and are thankful to our wonderful medical team who cared for our residents.

What did we do in NZ? Mukti India had lost most of their local donations and income covering over half their needs. Generous NZers rallied immediately in response to the call for funds. This appeal is ongoing, the Indian government predicts it will take 3 years to recover. If you would like to contribute to Covid Relief and help to support the vulnerable women and children that call Mukti home, we would love to hear from you.

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