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Discover a place of transformation, where children and women are loved, given security, hope and dignity.

Homes of hope

At Mukti, we currently provide for over 1500 vulnerable women and children, giving them food, clothes, shelter, and care. Providing basic necessities like these is a real success story.

But that’s not all Mukti does. We go above and beyond by investing in the social, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs. It’s all about empowerment, creating a supportive and nurturing environment that truly enables and uplifts people in need. We know you will be inspired by the work that Mukti is doing.

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Vulnerable women and 
children helped


Women and children helped since Ramabai first opened the doors in 1889.

Mukti women preparing potatoes together in big pots
Mukti women preparing potatoes together in big pots

Flower Families

Our children get to live in these little homes with their very own gardens.  8-12 girls live in each home with their special House Mother and guardian who care for them. And get this – we call these homes “flower families”! Some have a unique purpose, for example, to support the visually impaired girls or those with mental and physical disabilities.

AND we’ve recently opened a new home just a few miles from our main campus – it’s called the Hebron Boys Home. We wanted to make sure that all children, no matter their gender, have access to a safe and caring environment. Seeing these kids grow up in such a nurturing setting is truly heartwarming.

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Educating for a future

“We believe education is the key to a bright future for our nation” (PRMM India). Since 1889 thousands of children, both from Mukti and the surrounding area, have been educated at Mukti’s three schools. Many of these kids go on to higher education. Together, Mukti’s schools currently educate over 2700 students.

While the government has made huge progress in achieving its goal of universal primary education, as of 2021, 23% of children are still illiterate. We are doing our part in breaking the cycle of poverty through education.

We’re all about giving kids the power to follow their dreams.


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Mukti women preparing potatoes together in big pots
Mukti women preparing potatoes together in big pots

Our wider community

At Mukti, we’re all about supporting our wider community in every way we can! You can find us working in 6 states in India offering a whole range of programs including hostels, pre-schools, daycare centers, night shelters, adult literacy classes, vocational skills training, and nutrition projects. We believe that by empowering the community, we can make a real difference.

We really stepped up during the recent Covid pandemic! We provided food parcels to those in need, including produce from our farm. We even had officials come to visit us, expecting to offer their help – but instead, they found us reaching out to others with aid.

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