Dr Arpita cares for a patient

In 2019 NZ funded the renovation of our small hospital. When the renovation was agreed to, it had been some time since we had a committed doctor in residence. But God was calling Dr Arpita and she arrived soon after work started. Now she is very busy. We  praise God that in the midst of Covid-19, we are able to care for our Mukti patients and residents treating around 150 patients per day including diabetes, hypertension, thyroid illness, mentally disabled and psychologically ill patients.

Dr Arpita says “as I serve in Mukti as a doctor, I pray to the Lord to bless me so that I can see His children with the eyes of Christ, love them with the compassionate heart of Christ, touch them with the healing hand of Christ and walk the paths of Mukti in the footsteps of Christ… till I see Him face to face… in the arms of my Saviour for eternity”.

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