From Neglect to Bright and Inviting

Candle making has not only proven to be creative and fun but has also brought these young women with special needs immense satisfaction and enjoyment. What a pleasure to renovate the candle making room.
Since 2004, they have been actively engaged in the beautiful art of candle-making. They love experimenting with new ideas, such as making floating candles, candles in earthen pots, and using beeswax, which they then sell to visitors and at church stalls in Pune.

Candle-making has had a profound impact on the lives of these girls. Hemangi, who was once struggling in her studies and lacked confidence, has found a newfound sense of purpose and accomplishment through her candle-making. Similarly, Chaya, who was previously timid and fearful due to her confinement to a wheelchair, has discovered a new outlet for her creativity through candle-making. She takes pride in decorating her candles with ribbons and colourful paper.

Overall, the candle-making enterprise at Mukti has empowered and brought immense joy to these remarkable young women.

This is why, in 2022, the NZ Council decided to renovate the room where the girls run their business. And we didn’t stop there! We included the nearby bathroom block in the project, laid new paths, and cleaned up the whole area. It’s pretty awesome because the space used to be neglected and tucked away in a back corner, but now it is bright and inviting.