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The policy of Mukti NZ on Ethical Fundraising outlines Mukti NZ’s position on fundraising practice and documents the standards expected in raising funds from the community.


Mukti NZ is committed to ensuring that fundraising activities are carried out in an ethical manner. It is the desire of Mukti NZ to cultivate and maintain high standards of corporate ethics which reflect the integrity and professionalism of our organisation. We therefore believe that it is imperative that all fundraising activities to the public are accurate, complete, respectful and consistent with international ethical fundraising principles.


In fundraising, Mukti NZ will only use techniques that we would be happy to use on ourselves. Therefore, in all fundraising activities and programmes Mukti NZ will comply with the following standards:

  1. Fundraising activities carried out by Mukti NZ will comply with all relevant New Zealand legislation.
  2. We will only seek donations for programmes and needs that are based upon and motivated by the mission, purpose and values of Mukti NZ and our partner Mukti India.
  3. We will seek to accurately and truthfully portray, in words and images, the need, the potential recipients and their situations. Where possible a clear description of the programmes, reasons why the donations are being collected, and how they will be used, will be provided within the fundraising material.
  4. We will seek to uphold respect for the dignity, values, history, religion and culture of those who will benefit from Mukti NZ’s activities in all fundraising publications. There will be no material omissions or exaggerations of facts, no use of misleading photographs or any other communication that may tend to create a false impression or misunderstanding. All photographs used in any Mukti communication will present the intended recipients in a dignified manner and in no way endanger the people they include.
  5. We will only make claims in fundraising activities, programmes and communications that we can fulfil.
  6. All monies raised via fundraising activities will be used as promised or implied or as requested by the donor. Mukti will only accept donations for purposes that are consistent with our mission, purpose and values.
  7. We will seek to be good stewards of all fundraising revenue including:
      • only appealing for donations where a need can be justified
      • clearly stating how any excess funds raised will be used in the fundraising promotional material
      • using best endeavours to be able to inform donors of the projected costs associated with the fundraising activity or programme and the net proportion of the funds raised which it is intended will be provided to the beneficiaries of the fundraising activity or programme
      • state in the fundraising promotional material how and when donors may obtain information on the results of the fundraising activity or programme
      • clearly communicate in the fundraising promotional material regarding the tax deductibility of donations
      • produce timely reports on the use and management of funds raised which will be made available to donors
      • endeavour to embark on fundraising programmes that are cost effective.
  8. Fundraising activities will not be undertaken if they may be detrimental to the good name or community standing of Mukti NZ.
  9. Financial contributions will only be accepted from companies, organisations and individuals where there are no obligations or strings attached with regard to advertising or promoting the source of funds.
  10. When a fundraising activity or programme involves partnering with an external organisation, Mukti NZ will only work with organisations that are sympathetic to and respect the mission and values of Mukti NZ.
  11. All fundraising and promotional material will clearly identify Mukti NZ as the benefiting organisation and will include our full organisational name, our street address and phone number, any relevant registration numbers and our logo.
  12. Nobody directly or indirectly employed by or volunteering for Mukti shall accept commissions, bonuses or payments (other than normal salary/wages) for fundraising activities on our behalf.
  13. All collection staff and volunteers (i.e. for roadside or door-to-door collections) shall wear authorised identification stating that they are collecting for Mukti NZ and whether they are volunteers or staff members of Mukti NZ.
  14. In all interactions with donors through fundraising activities or programs, Mukti NZ will be committed to respecting their time, privacy and wishes. All personal information collected by Mukti NZ in the course of fundraising activities or programmes will be kept confidential in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Donors wishing to be removed from mailing or contact lists will be removed promptly and without obstacles for the donor.
  15. For all donations, Mukti NZ will provide donors with timely receipted acknowledgement of the donation.
  16. Mukti will not use pressure, harassment, intimidation or coercion in any fundraising activities or programmes. We will refrain from using any promotional or other fundraising material that is likely to offend members of Mukti NZ, donors, potential donors or the public at large.
  17. Mukti NZ will be aware of all applicable legislation with respect to charitable solicitation and will strive to act in accordance with the spirit, as well as the letter, of the law.
  18. Mukti NZ will not engage in negative advertising or campaigns about other charitable organisations, nor denigrate them by making false statements about them.
  19. If Mukti NZ engages any professional fundraisers to raise funds on its behalf, all agreements with the professional fundraisers shall be in writing and clearly state the expectations, responsibilities and obligations of each party, in accordance with this policy, and Mukti NZ will remain accountable for all fundraising activities undertaken by professional fundraisers.
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