Jude's Story

My childhood dream came true when I visited Mukti as part of a group of people I had never met from various parts of N.Z.
I felt blessed as we travelled together, ate, shopped, sang and shared experiences with each other. Huddling together in the airport and at the train station were powerful moments where God met our every need at just the right time.

I felt humbled listening to the elderly blind ladies who sat cross legged with beaming smiles as they weaved their baskets and sang “How Great Thou Art”. Then we all joined in.

It was a privilege to sit and hold the hand of a dear woman in the hospital wing who was restless. As I sang and prayed with her, she became calm.

It was a joy to visit the girls their flower family homes where they proudly showed us their clean and tidy rooms. Their beaming smiles and excitement were contagious. They shared their dreams and aspirations in life, and the careers they are looking forward to in the future.

I watched intently as two beautiful young 10-year-old girls walked across the compound with a stainless-steel bucket, happily chatting. They told me they had washed their school uniforms and were going to hang them to dry. (How many N.Z. children would wash their own uniforms I wonder!!!!)

Some of our group visited the Nursery where the babies are cared for. We sat with a teenage girl who was pregnant and studying for exams. She shared her story with us. After her baby was born she was having it adopted out and then she would return to her home. Such precious moments and memories.

The day I met the mother and daughter my husband and I sponsor was a significant day for me. There were lots of smiles, hugs and chatter, I was able to give them a photo album of our family and share about them. It felt very special to have a connection yet live so many miles from each other. We feel privileged to sponsor some of the Mukti family and always look forward to hearing about what is happening in their lives.

If you are considering a trip with a group to Mukti, I can say you will build relationships, be humbled, blessed, and learn a lot about yourself. Mukti is a very special place with Lorraine and Anil at the helm and a wonderful team of people working there. I hold Mukti very dear to my heart.