IMG_1106With great rejoicing these special ladies have moved back into the Mamta Sadan or Home of Kindness. This is home to women of any age who need specialised care. Vidya and Sara look after these ladies and Sara’s creativity is appreciated hugely as art is their favourite pastime. It wont be long till the walls by their beds are decorated with their creations.

After breakfast the ladies make their way to their renovated craft/TV room adjacent to the main building. They love colouring in and jewellery making. There are two blind ladies in the group who can do rope work, twisting it ready for bag handles etc. Another favourite pastime is to play catch with the ball, creating a rhythm of sound according to the weight and size of the balls.

There is also have a lovely stone walled garden area in front of the home which is private and sheltered and warm in the winter.

They are an inspiring group of women and they have seen or endured horrific treatment in many cases. They are such great overcomers, more than we could ever imagine. Thank you to all who contributed to the renovation of their home.


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