“Breaking the Cycle” in Sangali

Project Detail

The Sangli district

The Sangali district

In the red light district of Sangli in Maharashtra, hundreds of women are caught up in commercial sexual exploitation. The red light district is a difficult and dangerous place to raise children – the children of sex workers are exposed to violence and abuse, health and sanitation issues and run the risk of being pulled into exploitative situations themselves.

The children of live in appalling conditions, are often illegitimate and unable to access other government education schemes, and are therefore at high risk of ending up in the sex industry themselves – unless given a viable alternative through education. As a family, they live in one room, and the children either hide in a cupboard, if there is one, or sleep under the bed while their mother ‘works’ all night. Consequently they receive little care during the day. Glenda Cresswick (Australia) and a Mukti Pastor decided to do something.

In November 2014 PRMM launched a new expansion project called the Sangli Education Centre. Technically the centre is a Day Care Centre, however the daughters of the sex workers stay at the centre for 22 hours, returning home for a couple of hours each day to keep up their relationship with their mother. At the centre the girls are safe, well fed and educated.

The photo above shows Glenda Cresswick, of Australia, cutting the ribbon to the new education centre with Mission Director, Lorraine Francis, in support.

The “Breaking the Cycle” project has become another joint project between NZ and Australia. The project touched the heart of a generous New Zealander. Thanks to this wonderful woman, Mukti New Zealand expects to meet 100% of the project cost of the Education Centre for the next 3 years. As a result PRMM hopes to find a larger building and add another 10 beneficiaries to the programme.


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