School at Last

Although Kabal is young, he understands the importance of going to school and knows that education will be good for his future.
Bright eyed Kabal was 8 years old when he came to Mukti after being transferred from organization to organization. He longed to be able to settle in one place that was a good place, and he could go to school.

Kabal stands among a group of excited children who are laughing and talking in high pitched voices. He loves being part of the group and has endeared himself to us all. He loves being at school.

Now he is living at Mukti, Kabal is finally attending school after being moved from place to place. The young boy found having to adjust a new living situation every few months very disturbing and he knew he was missing out on learning, getting further and further behind.

He is very attentive and observant. Though he has joined school recently, he picked up fast and learned quickly and has done well in tests.

—from his teacher

A new world has opened up for Kabal through attending out English Medium School where he is a quick learner. It’s not all study though, Kabal’s favourite activity is riding his bike. If something goes wrong with it, he loves to fix it himself. The boys in the Hebron Boys Home where he now lives love him and have welcomed him into their family.