If you would like to visit Mukti as a short term volunteer (up to six months) we would love to hear from you. There are opportunities particularly for teachers and health professionals, in agriculture and construction. If these aren’t ‘you’ don’t be put off, there maybe a place for your skills.

You may like to visit Mukti and experience it as part of a group. Perhaps you are travelling in India and would just like to stay a day or two, whatever your reason, contact us (below).


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    Here's what some of our volunteers had to say...

    My time at Mukti touched my heart. I received far more than I gave and it was a privilege to be there.
    - Ruth
    When I first went to Mukti 2 years ago I was bowled over by the wave of love as I stepped out of the taxi, which continued throughout my initial exploratory visit to check my suitability and calling. Invited back for 6 months, I adored my time and am off again once my visa is granted for hopefully a similar period, in this amazingly Christ-centred, love-filled huge family.
    - Carol
    We went to Mukti not only to serve, but also to learn – and we did. We learnt about the plight of girls and women in India, and about unwantedness; the latest rescue – a baby boy – was only one day old when he was found in shopping bag in a rubbish skip. Witnessing the dedicated godliness of the staff at Mukti, and their desire to bring the love of God to these women and children, was certainly an unforgettable experience.
    - Phillip