Special Playground
for Children who are
Visually Impaired

The girls who are blind or whose sight is impaired have a special place in my heart.
"What do you like doing?" I asked each of the little girls as I met the friends coming home together from school. "Slide" "Seesaw" where their enthusiastic replies. They loved playing on the old swings and other playground equipment standing outside their Bougainvillea Family home.

The idea of tidying up the playground quickly turned into creating something specifically for children with visual challenges. It all came together in 2019 when Helen (Scottish Council), her friend Morag (educator for the blind) Janel (Canadian volunteer, an occupational therapist) designed a specialised playground including outdoor musical instruments and sensory plantings.

Planning came to an abrupt halt in March 2020 when COVID struck, but finally resumed in early 2023. The long-awaited opening in April brought tremendous excitement and joy as the girls, dressed in their finest dresses, gathered at the opening of their beautiful new area. Complete with two inground trampolines, a roundabout, a new slide, and a covered outdoor seating area, the space has transformed into a vibrant and cherished environment where these close-knit friends find happiness and create lasting memories.

It has been a journey, but so worth it!