Special School Vocational Training Centre Celebrates
10th Birthday

"I want to see the students learning and acquiring a skill which makes them independent and happy. We have several activities for the students and they respond very well and are very happy to be here." says Mangala who has been with them for over 20 years.
The centre is a vibrant place with 33 students and five teachers. Life skills are taught alongside literacy and numeracy where each student is encouraged to meet their own potential. Students get the satisfaction of seeing the outcomes of their learning when they look after their chickens, tend their garden, and make pretty crafts to sell including candles, jewellery and gift bags from braille paper.

The chicken farming is particularly successful with 31 enormous hens and now 3 ducks have joined them. The organic eggs are proudly collected. They grow vegetables such as beans, okra and pumpkin and look after the roses and other flowering plants growing in the poly house.

I feel a lot of peace and calm working amidst these children. It is wonderful to see their growth and be part of that process.” says Vaishali who also teaches at the centre.