Mukti Child Sponsorship

by David MacCullaghMukti Mission India provides for the needs and development of the women and children in their care. You can make a direct impact on the life or a woman or a girl through Sponsorship. By donating $35 a month you can empower women and girls by helping Mukti provide a loving home, education, health care, emotional and spiritual development.

Your giving will change a life.

About Donations to Mukti

The New Zealand Council of the Ramabai Mukti Mission Trust Board has been granted done status under section KC5(1) of the Income Tax Act 2004.
This means that 100% of your donations are eligible for a tax rebate.

Mukti NZ prides itself on our commitment to distribute 100% of all child sponsorship funds to Mukti India. This is also the case for funds you send in for a particular Mukti Project.


Sponsor a Girl

Used courtesy of David MacCullagh-0709From female infanticide to gender disparity in education to forced marriage, girl children in India (particularly those born to very poor families) are extremely vulnerable. You can help by providing safe shelter, food and water, clothing, education and a loving community to an Indian girl. An education gives a women a choice: Pandita Ramabai realised that when she opened her school for child widows in 1889, it is no less true today.

Sponsorship means hope, and girls with hope grow into women with a future.

Sponsor a woman or granny

by David MacCullaghTo be destitute and a woman in India can be a cruel existence, particularly if you are blind, have a physical or intellectual disability, a mental illness or are a widow. Mukti supports such women by providing them with a home and a caring community where they can both contribute and be valued and loved.

Help us by sponsoring a woman or a granny!

What to find out more?

Read our Frequently Asked Questions to find out more about Mukti sponsorship.


Photographs courtesy of Dave MacCullagh