Frequently Asked Questions about Mukti Sponsorship


What happens to my money?

Mukti NZ prides itself on our commitment to distribute 100% of all child sponsorship funds to Mukti India. This is also the case for funds you send in for a particular Mukti Project.


Will I hear from the person I sponsor?

Each year, you will receive a recent photo, progress report and a greeting at Christmas. You may expect to read about your child when her family is featured in Flower Family of the Month.


Can I write to the child?

Yes, the girls love to receive short letters in simple English, and photos.  They proudly show others letters from their “auntie” or “uncle”. All correspondence must be sent addressed to the superintendent with the child’s name and flower family on the back of the envelope. However, it is not possible for most girls to write back in English.


Can I send them a gift?

You may send a monetary gift to the New Zealand office for birthdays with your regular support. Birthday or Christmas money is pooled so that all the girls, some of whom don’t have sponsors, will each receive a gift.  This avoids conflict and enables all children to share equally in the blessings. Small items such as stickers or hankies can be included in letters.

You MAY NOT send packages to the children.  Not only may items be confiscated by Indian Customs, but Mukti could be in danger of appearing to receive contraband goods.  At NO time may you send money directly.  It is a punishable offence in India to receive money through the mail. All money clearly marked “Birthday/Christmas gift” will be forwarded 100% to Mukti, India.


Can I sponsor a boy?

There are some boys at Mukti. Very occasionally there are boys to be sponsored. Most boys are adopted or live at the boys home at one of the outstation homes. The children at the outstation homes are supported through donations for the project and by support from within India.


How long do I need to sponsor the child?

The girls need sponsors for the entire time they are dependents staying at Mukti Mission.  It is up to you how long you choose to sponsor, but we trust you will be involved for some years.  Many of our sponsors have been helping their Mukti girls since they were young children and found it to be a blessing to follow the girls’ development.  If your circumstances change, and you wish to discontinue your sponsorship please let us know.


What happens when the woman or child I sponsor leaves Mukti?

You will be notified if your child leaves the mission for any reason.  When an older girl becomes financially independent after training, or if she marries, we will inform you and ask whether you would like to sponsor another girl.

Many women live at Mukti for the remainder of their life, however some become independent and leave. As with the girls, we will tell you if the person you are sponsoring leaves.


Do donations qualify for tax rebates?

Donations to Mukti Mission over $5 ARE tax deductible.

The New Zealand Council of the Ramabai Mukti Mission Trust Board has been granted done status under section KC5(1) of the Income Tax Act 2004. This means that 100% of your donations are eligible for a tax rebate.

The New Zealand tax year is 1 April – 31 March.  A receipt for tax rebate purposes will be sent to you at the end of the tax year for Child Sponsorship support and for all regular donations (such as cheque, automatic payments and regular credit card authorities).