You are probably aware that I get most excited about the girls who go on to tertiary education and follow careers that empower them to take responsibility for their own futures. It gives them choice.

So it was with a glad heart that I read about what some of the girls are doing recently. Girls like Usha, an orphan who came to Mukti in 2001 and has been supported by a NZ sponsor all this time. “Usha was very grateful to the Lord for bringing her to Mukti when she needed a secure place to live. Usha was also thankful that she could complete her nursing training as she had a heart to serve people. Now, by God’s grace she can stand on her on own feet working in a Pune hospital.” (recent departure letter)

Usah when she first arrived at Mukti (left, and now, working in Pune hospital (right).

And Shubangi, also an orphan who was admitted in 2002 when she was 6. The Sunday School I was teaching at decided to sponsor a Mukti girl. Shubangi was always easy to spot with her thick glasses, and the consistent comment in reports was that she thought of others and was a kind girl. We met in 2012 and then again in 2015 and now she has just gone to the WYAM Discipleship Training School for the one-year course. I am sure God has plans for her.

When ‘your’ girl leaves Mukti to pursue tertiary education, you can now continue to support her through the Mukti Community Development Programme (CDP). Mukti transfers these funds directly to the institution.


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